The Walk Cromer volunteers aim to help walkers with interesting printed guides and maps around town. We also check & report on local footpaths and make it easier for walkers themselves to report problems. We are also involved in consultations with councils and other relevant bodies regarding developments and plans which may concern walkers.

We are very lucky to have plentiful public transport options here, this is the ideal place to leave the car behind, relax, explore… and discover more!

Cromer has welcomed walkers since time immemorial, fresh air – huge panoramas of land and sky. We are the gateway to a variety of trails and paths – There are walks that are buggy, wheelchair and dog friendly. When walking is done, we have places to eat, play and rest. The picture shows our Pier and handsome church – the tallest tower in the County, a challenge for all – scale it’s heights – the reward, magnificent! A coast bathed in sunlight or battered by storm, allows the walker a different experience at every turn, reasons to visit and walk in and around Cromer. Walk Cromer!


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Walk Cromer
Walk CromerFriday, November 10th, 2023 at 9:41am
Cliff top walk between Cromer and Overstrand - another great walk at this time of year - narrow paths often busy and overgrown in summer. This is a permissive path on golf club land and you are strongly advised to keep away from the crumbling clifftop edges.
Starting from Overstrand's knit-top letterbox - finishing at Cromer's Victorian streets - about 3 miles total.