Cromer Pier and back via South America

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Town & Country Circular Walk

2.2 miles one short climb good surface but wear sensible shoes

Your walk starts from the Pier.

The Pier you see dates from 1901, but there are records that show a pier of sorts has been here for the past 600 years. Above us is the Hotel de Paris, originally a holiday- home for Lord Suffield, it became a Hotel in the mid Victorian period looking after the growing numbers of visitors who enjoyed our fresh air and coastline.

Turn left along the Esplanade, to your right the three storey building, once the Lower Tucker Hotel – home for a time of the Empress of Prussia, further along we come to an attractive Building on the Esplanade: The Bath House, as its name suggest, gave visitors the experience of enjoying salt-water baths. Later a hotel, it is now a private home.

A short distance on you will see steps; climb turn left at the Red Lion, below you will soon see The Gangway, where in times past coal was unloaded from beached vessels. to be distributed through-out the area. On the left of the Gangway now stands the RNLI museum, dedicated to Henry Bloggs, arguably Cromer’s most famous son. A visit is a must, but not today!

Turn right to Church Street, passing the Cromer museum on the way to the church. For those with a head for heights and strong legs, climb the church tower – the view from the top is adequate compensation for the effort involved.

Cross from the church into Hans Place, the Multiplex is situated here, recent releases and sometimes the West End comes to Cromer with a LIVE stream of a Westend stage production.

Cross Louden Road into The Loke.

On your left is the old Cromer School. At one time this site housed three schools each having its own Head teacher. On the right is Colne House, home to some notable Norfolk families.

At the end of The Loke continue up Arbor Road, as the road swings right; go straight ahead along a footpath known as Love Lane. Some 40/50 yards up on left an iron gate all that remains of Newhaven Court, the home of Oliver Locker-Lampson a larger than life character, read about him when you visit Cromer Museum. Further on you pass to the rear of The Fletcher Convalescent Hospital, now being converted into apartments – however ’tis said that it is haunted – beware!

Continue up Love Lane, pass by the rather forlorn Kissing-gate to the road, cross over, turn right walk past Henry Blogg Road, re-cross to walk down the footpath that passes Amazona Zoo.

The glimpses you see of exotic birds and mammals may well encourage you to visit. You will find that you really have arrived in South America, although the Yurt might belong to another continent. Amazona Zoo, Established 2004, is home to some two hundred animals that are native to South America, some from the Rain forests of the Amazon basin, others live in the wild of the high Andes = From Flamingos and Toucan, to Jaguars and Lemurs, there is something that will amuse and captivate all of the family. Why not make a day of it visit the Zoo, let your family see for themselves; enjoy the educational aspects of the animals and their upkeep and refresh yourself in the onsite Café, whilst the younger ones get involved in the JUNGLE TUMBLE!

Your path continues through the car park to exit onto a footpath to the right of the main entrance. This is Hall Road, shortly to pass Cromer Hall.

The building you see is Victorian Gothic, and is said to be what Conan Doyle described in the Hounds of the Baskervilles.

You will soon reach the Meadow a recreation area for all the family. Continue toward the town centre, on your left you will see The Victorian Tearooms, Cathy Howlett would be delighted to see you. Refreshed in spirit by coffee and cake; now prepare the mind for tomorrow, visit the TiC for options to please the whole family.

Cross over at the pedestrian crossing, right then left into Chapel Street, at the end cross over to Garden Street where you will draw INSPIRATION from the many shops and galleries.

Continue seaward, turn right and descend by the left hand zig zag to the Pier, finally, visit the Lifeboat house at the end of the Pier.