A Walker’s Tale

A Walker, one among many, took the CoastHopper (Stagecoach) bus from Salthouse to Cromer, Norfolk, on Sunday 22nd January 2017. He left the bus a little lighter in the pocket – a mobile phone had slipped out! On Tuesday a telephone call to his home, “your mobile phone has been found and awaits collection in Kings Lynn”. Contacted daughter who works in Lynn, she spoke to a Customer Service person, and explained that she would not be able to collect until Friday “no problem” was the reply. Daughter rang again on Friday and was told that it would be available at the Head Office – “could I collect from the bus station”, said daughter. The lady at CoastHopper, “…wait a moment” a minute went by, “…no problem”, she said, “I’ve caught a driver and he will deliver to the Bus Station, ready for your collection”.
Two points to make, a) On each occasion the telephone was answered by a human voice, that same voice answered on the second occasion and remembered the incident; b) everyone who uses the CoastHopper praises the service provided, but this tale illustrates that superlative service does not stop at the Bus and its Driver, but extends throughout the Stagecoach company.
Thank you Driver, thank you Customer Service person, thank you Stagecoach.