Crab & Lobster Walk – Sunday 21st May 2017

The scenic route from Cromer to Sheringham.

People came from all over the County and beyond, thirty five, plus four dogs. Billed as a ‘family’ walk, we were delighted to have three generations of one family join us, including Thomas at only nine months old (he didn’t walk far) We enjoyed a wonderful walk that included three of Norfolk’s highlights, Inkleborough, Steep and Beeston Hills. It should be noted that Mum carried little Tommy up two of the highest hills, but Dad took a turn, over Beeston Bump.

Our newly appointed Cromer Mayor led from the front; smart suit, polished shoes, tie, complete with Mayoral Chain, his first public engagement. Well done John Frosdick! He was not the only celebrity, we were met below Beeston Bump for the final section into Sheringham, by Norman Lamb. He found time in his busy election schedule to walk the last section, to receive a warm welcome in Sheringham.

It was not the only walk of the day, Hilary Cox completed a slightly different route, leading a Scout’s troop, all managed the walk, hills and all. Hilary, a former Cromer Mayor, chose to wear a Crab costume…did she walk sideways all the way, to ensure a neutral stance between left and right? You can read more detail about Hilary’s odyssey on WalkCromer’s website. Well done everyone.

Crab & Lobster Walk, on Sunday 21st May Crab & Lobster Walk, on Sunday 21st May